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M*A*S*A Pizza is a family owned mobile Wood-Fired Pizza trailer business, that offers a hand tossed artisan pizza. The unique dough and sauce recipies are made from scratch daily, to offer you, the customer, the freshest product possible.

M*A*S*A Pizza is a family dream that came true on April 29 2017. The owner, David, is an active duty military member, who currently serves in the U.S Navy as a nurse. After nearly two decades of working as a pizzaiolo in multiple pizzerias throughout the U.S, his passion only grew stronger and pushed him to bring M*A*S*A Pizza to life. The name, a reflection of the love he has for his  family, are the initials  of his three boys, but that coincidentally means dough in Spanish- his native language. The Logo is based on the creativity of his oldest son, which reflects a moon because he said the name sounded like NASA. 

More than a Job, M*A*S*A Pizza is a passion that has grown in every member of the family- from his three children, his wife, to his parents- which guarantees that customers will get a product made with love and dedication, so that the pizza you get smells good, but tastes better!

Our Teams

Alex Machin

Pizza guy!

Kelly Galileo

Passion for Pizza!

Austin Jones

Pizza, one of my favorite foods