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Our Service

  • MASA PIZZA prides itself in providing traditional thin crust Neapolitan style pizza that is made entirely from scratch, with premium ingredients, and exclusively cooked by an Apple wood fire. The pizzas have an approximate 12" diameter, cook in an average of 90-120 seconds when our ovens are to full cooking temperature, and could feed 1-2 people. Pizzas are served in a casual buffet style of “waves”, so there is always a fresh bite for your guests.  There is a minimum of 100 guests per event at $16.00 per person. 
  • Catering fee breakdown is as follows: 3-hour cooking time for the number of guests requested at $16.00 per person, 9% Tax, and $300 Transportation and Setup fee.
  • The above quoted rates are for our basic catering menu, and would include ALL options of pizzas from our menu. Any special request could have an additional charge, which would depend on the pizza.
  • As a courtesy, we offer a dessert pie, which consists of pizza dough, Nutella, banana and strawberry. Setup requires we present 1.5-2 hours prior to the event, in order for the ovens to reach proper operating temperature. Breakdown of equipment usually takes about 45 minutes. A deposit of 1/2 of the total fee is due at time of contract signing. Cancellations with less than 8 weeks notice forfeit the deposit. Contract signing is to be completed no later than 8 weeks before the date of the event.

Space required

MASA PIZZA operates based off of a trailer that has our brick oven, in which we make traditional Neapolitan pizzas. A 10ft x 20ft area of level ground is necessary for proper service.

For any further questions or information, you may reach MASA PIZZA at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (360) 443-6538 or try our contact form here.